23 ottobre 2012

Taste Testers - Nuova campagna Friends of Glass

Il post di oggi è legato alla mia missione come Glass Ambassador e quindi vi pubblico la nuova campagna Friends of Glass, giocate, preparate creme, salse e marmellate e fatele assaggiare ai vostri bambini è un'esperimento divertente, poi leggete e divulgate, il vetro fa bene alla salute ed allo spirito!

Meet our Little Taste Testers from all over Europe!

Today, we are launching a new campaign on our Facebook page:
The Little Taste Testers!


If you drink or eat food, you can trust blindly on glass packaging. We turned that idea into a game, and asked the help of some little friends…
The Little Taste Testers are a group of kids from across Europe who we filmed tasting a selection of food and drinks packaged in glass. The kids had to identify the taste – even though they were blindfolded! After all, you can trust glass to keep your food and drink fresh – even with your eyes shut!

The Facebook game consists of having a bit of fun with your friends and family by playing the videos and guessing the food and drinks these blindfolded children are tasting.
You can play along too and win a basket of delicious products packed in glass if you can identify the taste before the kids do. The quicker you identify the taste, the more points you will score. Are you smarter than the kids? Can you score more points than your family and friends?

Our Little Taste Testers page is more than just a competition though!
You can also find tips & tricks to get your children eating and drinking healthy foods packaged in glass jars and bottles. For example, did you know that adults like to see three different colours on their plate, but kids like to see six! There are recipes and ideas which will save you time and inspire your family to try new and healthy tastes.

And while you’re at it, why not test your kids to find out what they really like? We’re curious to see how your kids will react when you have him/her taste something new!

The Little Tasters game is a new step in the European Friends of Glass campaign to give consumers the right to choose glass as their preferred packaging for their food and drinks for five good reasons. Glass is also the best material to preserve the taste, quality and nutritional value of food and drinks. It acts as a single layered natural shell which preserves both the flavour and vitamins of your preferred products. Glass keeps your favourite products pure and untainted for longer.
Go ahead and see what fun our Little Taste Testers have, describing what they are tasting!


Friends of Glass is a European-wide forum that champions the right of consumers to be able to choose food and drink products in glass packaging.

Friends of Glass was established in response to a pan-European consumer survey commissioned by FEVE, the EU container glass association, which found that 74% of Europeans prefer glass packaging for food and drink products. Friends of Glass unites all those who believe glass is the clear choice for themselves, their families and for the environment.
Because you can trust glass to keep your food and drink fresh – even with your eyes shut!

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