07 gennaio 2011

No Impact Project Experiment...a little summary

A short summary of these last four days of experiment, started on sunday with the goals of don't buy anything except food, it has not been hard at all, during sunday I usually stay at home or take a walk in the park but surely I don't love go to shoppin on this day. I think that sunday is born to place oneself again, even if I'm not catholic, I don't think that is right have mall open during sunday everyone should have the right to rest!
Monday was trash day, well..I already do separete collection of trash, in my town to encourage it there is a contest, more you collect, more point you gain and you can win awards! But taking a look at my personal week trash bag I could see how may plastic, cans and other not recyclable stuff I waste. It's not easy buy things without packaging where I live, pasta, rice, cat foods and many others It's really hard to find bulk. I'm in trouble, I have to work on this problem and I need some time to find a solution.

Tuesday was transport day an easy goal for me, concerning town travel or travel to Rome center, because I don't drive and I go everywhere in my town by feet, I love walking I'm a Nordic Walking teacher! Go to Rome by bus or tube everytime it's possible, but there are many places where I can go only with car (my husband drive). One of the place I buy biological product (fruit and vegetables) for example is in country and you can't go there without a car, the same is for the place where we buy meat (I'm vegetarian but not my husband and son). Then it's just a little bit difficult. I made a subscription to a biological supplier that came on time a week but bring me food in plastic box like this:Wednesday: the today goal is food, as written before I already buy local biological food (vegetables, fruit, chees, eggs and meat). This morning around 11.00 me and my husband went to one of our supplier buy something. Once came back at home and take a look to what I bought I see that mozzarella was in plastic bag, fry oil is in plastig bottle, rice milk in Tetrapak. I think I have not reached the goal even if I think the the goal it's not this but I will write you my consideration at the end of this week!

Thursday, what can I say about save energy....We have already replaced the bulbs with energy saving ones, put the aerator on the faucet, do not use the dishwasher. Take a shower and do not swim. In the shower we have made waterpebble. I cook for a week and cook twice as many things, so a part goes into the freeze and use next week. In fact at the end of the month, we spend very little in electricity and gas because we try to use it sparingly

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